Shelley Williams

Business Director

Shelley controls all aspects of Gritty Ltd’s financial undertakings to maximise the impact of all our productions.

Shelley began her career in banking and is qualified in Accountancy. She has worked in several industries before moving into television such as the construction industry, a large rental investment company and finally into TV over the last 15 years.

She has been involved in the managing and delivery of long running children’s series such as Y Meees, Gorsaf Hud, Marcaroni, Y Diwrnod Mawr and lastly Dwylo’r Enfys.

Shelley brings her knowledge of banking and accountancy into the creative field and enjoys all aspects of making a television programme . She loves creating the initial budget from the first treatment/ideas stage, engaging staff and freelancers, filming and finally delivery. Crucially she prides herself on close budgetry setting and control throughout each process.